How We Manage Risk

SEP’s key objective is to work towards maximising value creation and sustainable growth of its portfolio. SEP does so by investing in opportunities that deliver solid, consistent returns over a long-term investment horizon that includes multiple commodity cycles.

SEP is obviously exposed to financial and investment risks that characterise the energy industry. SEP’s Board of Directors and Executives, however, manage risk conservatively. They assess all opportunities on the basis of SEP’s ability to absorb losses or write-offs and maintain a sound financial position. No SEP commitments at any time compromise the company’s ability to invest opportunistically in new, compelling projects. Nor does the company undertake any commitments that would force it to dilute its equity participation in compelling projects.


SEP’s corporate culture values hard work. Research and analysis are vitally important to achieving operational excellence. SEP is uncompromising in its moral and ethical standards and complies fully with local laws, values and customs.

“SEP aims at all times to have a financial position strong enough to take advantage of opportunities that fit its size and risk reward criteria.”

Swiss Energy Partners