How We Invest

SEP’s investment geography is limited to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, but its partnerships are global. Expertise in geological structure, requisite engineering capabilities, and regional expertise are the benchmarks for selection.

SEP invests opportunistically in listed and unlisted companies and joint ventures where SEP exercises control, joint control and operational management or a significant influence through its Board representation in those investee companies.

Although SEP may form partnerships with other major co-investors, it always protects its rights as shareholder. It retains sufficient influence to enable it to minimise the risk of losing key decision-making involvement in specific areas. These include the appointment and removal of directors, business policies, capital expenditure, and asset acquisition and disposal.

SEP selects industry partners with the correct expertise and geological and environmental knowledge. Partners are committed and dedicated to delivering the best potential outcome from the investment. SEP will typically provide strategic, financial and managerial support as well as an active debate platform to assess and action major or critical decisions. Eventually, and if required, SEP will make sure to unlock value by creating the right environment for deal making.

SEP is committed to “good practices” in corporate governance. Therefore investee entities are required to have strong internal controls, high level financial, environmental and risk management, an outstanding health and safety and ethical code, and strong stakeholders relationships and interaction.



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